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Lockouts by A&B Express Towing Services

Some people might find it embarrassing but car lockouts happen and based on our years of experience, the problem is one of the most widespread for car owners. Regardless of whether you have misplaced your car key, you locked yourself out or your keys are locked in, our team can help you open the door in the soonest possible time. Usually, we can fix a car lockout problem in 5 minutes. A more complex car security system will take a little more time but our car locksmiths should be able to gain entry without any damage to your vehicle.    

Our car lockout service hotline is open 24 hours and our customer support is ready to dispatch a team that can reach you as early as 15 minutes if you are in the San Fernando Valley area. In cases of heavy traffic, you will be informed about the estimated time of arrival depending on how remote you are.

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